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Delegate to Mexico Waste Expo 2024

September 2024

### Harvest Recycling Selected as One of Canada’s Trade Delegates to Mexico Waste Expo 2024

**Calgary, Alberta** – Harvest Recycling is proud to announce its selection as one of Canada’s trade delegates to the Mexico Waste Expo in September 2024. The Expo, held in Mexico City, provided a unique opportunity for Harvest Recycling to connect with potential partners in Mexico and explore collaborative efforts in addressing pressing waste management challenges.

During the event, Harvest Recycling showcased its innovative waste management solutions, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices in reducing landfill waste. The Expo brought together key stakeholders from the waste management industry, enabling Harvest Recycling to expand its network and foster relationships with organizations that share a common vision for environmental sustainability.

After the Expo, the trade delegation visited Monterrey, where Harvest Recycling engaged with local communities to gain a deeper understanding of Mexico’s waste management needs. This visit was crucial in identifying how Harvest Recycling can lead the initiative to reduce landfill waste across the country.

“We were able to connect directly with communities and organizations in Mexico to understand the specific challenges they face. Our goal is to offer tailored solutions that address these challenges and contribute to a significant reduction in landfill waste,” said Peter Olorundimu, CEO at Harvest Recycling.

In addition to engagements in Mexico, the delegation also met with representatives from Guatemala who expressed deep concern about pollution in the Motagua River and Lake Atitlan. “These environmental issues resonate with our mission at Harvest Recycling. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions to tackle these deep-rooted environmental concerns,” Peter Olorundimu added.

Harvest Recycling’s participation in the Mexico Waste Expo and the subsequent community engagement highlights the company’s dedication to finding innovative solutions to waste management challenges across Latin America.

**About Harvest Recycling:**
Harvest Recycling is a leading waste management company specializing in innovative solutions for reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainability. Through advanced technologies and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Harvest Recycling aims to transform waste into valuable resources, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Olorundimu
Harvest Recycling

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